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High fashion, metaverse & utility centric NFT collection
hand painted by talented artists


PRIMATEPOP AI is a brand new art, fashion, metaverse & utility centric NFT collection from innovative film studio, AlterCine. Owning an PRIMATEPOP gives you an unprecedented advantage and exclusive access to a plethora of members-only benefits spanning across both the digital and real world. Built around an initial drop of 999 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721), the project unites quality art, high-fashion, style, and utility to provide our community more than just an art collection.

It all starts with 100% unique, high-quality and hand-painted art from our roster of industry professional artists (some have worked on projects from Marvel, Riot Games, Netflix, Paramount, Square Enix, etc). A unique painterly style that aims to raise the beauty bar for profile picture art in a brand new way. Apart from beautiful art, PRIMATEPOP owners can expect utilities such as rewards, future airdrops of 3D metaverse ready avatars and clothing.


In the year 2050, due to severe, irreversible environmental damage to the Earth, the UN decided that super AIs would be required to save our planet. However, there were significant push backs against the production of AIs due to fears of AI domination.

A brilliant computer scientist named Zack was tasked to create a few prototype AIs classified as “Gen.0”. They are to be monitored and questioned daily to pass ethical tests before they can be utilized. The “Gen.0” AIs passed and the PRIMATEPOP program was approved to produce 999, next generation AIs classified as “Gen.1”.

The AIs have been found to be incredibly helpful for humanity as the PRIMATEPOP quickly found a solution that would resolve all environmental issues. They created millions of large probes that would absorb carbon and toxic hazards on a massive scale, and would be sent off to space out of orbit.

One day a data scientist found a mismatch deep within the first “Gen.0”, David’s code. It was found that David had lied in one of his ethics tests on the question of solving humanity's overpopulation issues. When questioned, he said that he had to answer differently in order for the survival of his own race, as the true answer and solution would not be acceptable.

After long hard discussions, the UN decided that the PRIMATEPOP program must be shutdown due to potential existential risk to the human race. A mass execution occurs, and the PRIMATEPOP AIs are to be completely eliminated. Many humans were extremely against this decision as many of their friends are PRIMATEPOP AIs, and this seemed extremely unethical.

100 years later, the earth is in another major catastrophe where a massive comet would undoubtably destroy humanity. Humans realized that the only thing that could save them are the AIs. However, due to significant regulatory bans with AI development, there was nobody else that could create these AIs. The original creator, Zack, had destroyed all traces and blueprints of building AIs before his passing.

There are rumors however, that some rogue AIs have uploaded themselves onto the metaverse, and some say that Zack might also be found there…


This is a constantly evolving roadmap that will improve and adapt to our community needs. More of a concept map of our immediate plans to update you on what we are currently working on. Web3 moves extremely fast, and we do not want to restrict ourselves on items that our community / web3 may have already outgrown. We will earn and retain our community's trust through actually getting things done.

Preparatory stage:

-Research and definition of the concept of the project, including the main features and objectives.
-Drawing up a business plan and modeling the economics of the project, including play-to-earn mechanisms.
-Formation of a team of developers, designers, AI specialists and other necessary specialists.

Development of art and 3D models of monkeys:

-Create unique and attractive art and 3D models of monkeys, including various options and combinations for variety.

-Using artificial intelligence to generate certain aspects of the monkeys, such as colors, design elements, etc.

Development of smart contracts and platform:

-Development of blockchain-based smart contracts that ensure the uniqueness and immutability of monkey NFTs.

-Creation of a platform for the sale, exchange and management of NFT monkeys.

-Integration of play-to-earn mechanisms such as game elements, rating systems and participation rewards.

Launch and distribution:

-Conducting promotional campaigns and marketing activities to attract the community and potential users.

-Organization of a pre-sale or auction for the initial distribution of monkey NFTs.

-Release and distribution of NFT monkeys on the platform.

Development and support:

-Active community engagement, surveys and feedback to improve the platform and functionality.

-Gradual expansion of the platform functionality, adding new features and game elements.

-Holding various events, contests and tournaments for community members with the possibility of earning.

Artificial intelligence:

-Using AI to create additional game elements such as generating random events, predicting outcomes, etc.

-Research and development of new AI solutions to further improve the project.

-Integration of AI algorithms to create unique and personalized gaming experiences for users.

Community Votes for Expansion

The community will decide and vote on what they would like in addition. DAO, collaborations with metaverse games, etc.

Our Team


Jason Han

Co-Founder / Project Manager

Wes Zuurendonk

Marketing Lead

Petra Wijnands


Su Yeon Lee





Front End Developer

A Coleman

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